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We Help Harvest Right Distributors Maximize Their Freeze Dryer Sales!

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Case Study


ROI In the First 5 Months!

Meet the Wiens family. Their mission is to equip families to create their own sustainable food supply – and create a more food secure Alberta.

“In recent years we’ve all become more aware of how fragile our food supply and distribution systems are. When we ordered our own home freeze dryer, we were hooked and wanted to share it with our neighbours and friends.
Being self-reliant isn’t selfish. It allows you to help a neighbour in need, and in a crisis it allows the limited supplies to get to those who need it most.”

Supplying the local area with freeze dryers became a big part of their business.

BUT THERE WAS A PROBLEM. After a few months they noticed that a number of other Harvest Right distributors had popped up in their area – including some big box stores – and organic demand and referrals from Harvest Right began to slow down.

The family teamed up with Tyler Brooks & Co.

We handled the whole online process, from video, photos, websites, tracking, to Google and Facebook Ads.

Despite launching at the lowest demand time in the year our marketing campaign has kept sales growing!

Who are we?

Tyler Brooks & Co. is a family owned business that specializes in some of the most powerful direct marketing systems on the planet.

As an independent filmmaker, I (Dallas) recognized the necessity of marketing for a business to succeed, but it was a mystery to me – and I could see it was a mystery to most businesses.

So in 2020 I hired one of the top marketers in the world, who manages hundreds of thousands of dollars in ad spend every month, to teach us everything he knew about marketing and sales.

We took what we learned and began applying it to local businesses … and it worked!

Fast forward and now we have fine tuned these proven strategies to leverage the potential of Harvest Right Distributors – just like you.

Are you ready to upgrade your bottom line?