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Tyler Brooks & Co. partners with small businesses in Mountain View County to generate sales growth through tailored asset creation (think video, photography, websites) and direct marketing campaigns (Facbook, Google, YouTube Instagram). Our proven systems are tailored and accountable to you.

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Percision Marketing Asset Creation

Super charge your sales funnel

Designed For Results

We partner with you to create powerful messaging that speaks directly to your ideal buyer. 

Tools Not Toys

Our “business first, art second” assets are precision tools designed to increase your bottom line.


The effectiness of your marketing assets have a massive impact on the performance of your sales funnel:


✅  Even a small adjustment in the right place can increase conversions by 5%

✅  Video on a landing page can increase sales by up to 80%

✅  75% of online shoppers rely on product photos when deciding on a potential purchase

✅  90% of online buyers say that photo quality is the most important factor in an online sale


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Tyler Brooks Direct Marketing Partnership

Powerfully connect with your ideal buyer 

Reliable Growth

We leverage proven direct marketing systems to get the best results for your business


Tailored Solutions

Every campaign deserves a plan to maximize your return on investment.



We track every sale to the day and dollar and are fully transparent with you as a business partner..


“Did you know:

✅  That digital marketing can be tracked to the day and dollar of a sale?

✅  With proper tracking it is possible to easily know what parts of your marketing funnel are working… and which need to be fixed?

✅  Return on investment (ROI) is simple to calculate?

✅  Successful marketing campaigns can run for years profitably?

✅  Online marketing is not a “set it and forget it” but “refine and grow?”

✅  Direct Response Marketing is more cost effective with a higher impact than “General Brand Advertising”


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Tyler Brooks Services

Tyler Brooks & Co. is a husband & wife team who have a passion for helping innovators & creators in the online space through:

Ad Creation

Ad Management





Web Design


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A Sampling Of Our Past Work

Our dream is to see Didsbury, and all of Mountain View County a safe haven for businesses and startups to thrive. We believe that local businesses are the backbone of any community’s culture and vitality. We believe in our local community’s potential and that a strong local economy, and healthy businesses, are a key to local family success.

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